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Next-Gen solution for centralized management of Digital Signage network with wide functionality. Official site


The platform for centralized management of multimedia devices (at points of sale, offices, airports).

SmartPlayer consists of a server application and clients for various OS: Orsay / Tizen (Samsung Smart Signage Platform), Windows, Linux, Android, WebOS, and BrightSign OS.

There are two installation options:

The personal account of the system has the following features:

  1. Upload content to the cloud and categorize it by advertisers.
  2. Creation of advertising campaigns/broadcasts with complex multi-zone content
  3. Adding devices by screen activation code with reference to the device installation address, tags, device types.
  4. Create schedules for advertisers and target schedules to devices.
  5. Generation of reports on advertising campaigns and devices.

All work with a personal account is carried out through a browser (mobile layout is supported).

Browser version Support
Chrome 66 and up Yes
Opera 52 and up Yes
Firefox 59 and later Yes
Safari 11.1 and up Yes
IE 11 (with latest updates) There may be limitations when working. The legacy browser from Microsoft, update to Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Edge Yes

A detailed description of the functionality is available in the relevant sections.

Quick start

In order to start working with the SmartPlayer platform, perform two steps:

  1. Go to your personal account with the data provided by the representative of SmartPlayer.
  2. Install one of our client applications.

Work with your personal account

Go to your SmartPlayer account using the link you received.

About how to create your first broadcast and send it to your device read HERE.
You can get acquainted in detail with the capabilities and interface of the system in the "System Interface"

Installing and configuring the client application

  • SSSP (Tizen) - Samsung Smart Signage Platform. Professional Samsung panels with the built-in player (System on Chip). Including the newest series of professional displays with Tizen OS.
  • WebOS - client for LG professional panels with webOS platform.
  • Windows - client for Windows OS.
  • Linux - Linux client.
  • Android - general information on working with Android OS. Recommended Android TV (set-top boxes).
    • BenQ - client for professional panels with Android OS.
    • Philips is a client for Philips professional panels and commercial TVs with Android OS.
    • TCL - client for TVs TCL with Android OS.
    • Ugoos AM3 is a semi-professional player (Android TV) for Android OS.
  • BrightSign OS - operating system from the BrightSign company.

After setting up and starting the application, activation code should appear on the client device. At this stage, the configuration of the client part is completed. All other actions can be carried out through your personal account.


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: FAQ

Примеры использования виджетов

Виджеты - мини приложения для отображения различной информации из внешних источников (погода, пробки, новости) или для интеграции со сторонними системами (динамические цены, сомелье)

System Interface

Here you can read about the main system modules and interface features.

General overview of the system interface

Main system modules:

Devices - work with devices and groups, monitoring, remote control
Content - creating advertisers / folders, downloading content
Reports - viewing Proof of Play reports on various parameters, device operation statistics
Users - creating new users and roles (access control)
History - allows you to track all user actions in your dashboard
Settings - system settings
Video analytics is a technology that uses computer vision methods to automatically obtain various data based on the analysis of a sequence of images received from video cameras in real-time or from archive records.

Also, depending on your tasks, one of the modules for organizing content playback can be selected:
Content to devices - creation of a simplified (single-zone) broadcast. Suitable for simple projects. Created using the wizard in 3 steps
Broadcasts - work with broadcasts, suitable for organizing Digital Signage systems of any complexity, with multi-zone, triggers and dynamic content
Schedule - scheduling playback for devices and groups, the module is used automatically with the Broadcasts and Content to devices modules
Advertising campaigns - work with advertising campaigns. The best choice for advertising agencies. Allows you to work with an intelligent planner, select the frequency of specific content exits, or work with ad units of arbitrary length

Дополнительные модули системы:

Справочники - раздел позволяющий пользователю работать с виджетами в упрощенном и более приятном виде.
Видеоаналитика - технология, использующая методы компьютерного зрения для автоматизированного получения различных данных на основании анализа последовательности изображений, поступающих с видеокамер в режиме реального времени или из архивных записей.
Стелы АЗС - управление стелами АЗС

Supported platforms

In this section you can find a list of platforms on which our players work.

Current firmware versions


  1. Description of the most common abnormal situations and their solutions is available in this section Troubleshooting
  2. If you did not find your case in the previous section, use the debugging tools Debugging Tools
  3. If you cannot resolve the situation on your own, please contact SmartPlayer support at [mailto:] or your manager in the company.